Pogue Mahone

by Shambolics

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Raucous roots music, with tunes from Dublin Bay to Vladivostokk.
Are you getting sick of us banging on about how good Aussie celtic-punk bands are? Well turn away now as here’s another bloody one!

Review: London Celtic Punks


released March 17, 2014

Alan - Lead vocals, harmony vocals, acoustic & electric guitars
Jim - Mandolin, banjo, guitar, mandola, lead & backing vocals
Paul - Accordion, drums, harmonica, keyboards, backing vocals
Gavin - Tin whistle, highland pipes, border pipes, bass, keyboards
Twitter @shambolicsband

Recorded by Gavin O’Loghlen at Locrian Records 2012-14
Artwork by Allan Addams - enquiries@cartoonguy.com.au



all rights reserved


Shambolics Adelaide, Australia

The Shambolics play raucous rollickin’ roots music, with tunes from Dublin Bay to Vladivostok. All sorts of instruments will be on the stage and some of them might actually be played – pipes, whistles, banjo, accordion, guitars, harps and even a bodhran to get the feet stompin... Put on yer dancing clogs on and get down to a Shambos gig – or we’ll come and get yeh!! ... more

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Track Name: Pogue Mahone (Kiss my arse)

Oh, I’m not a man to worry I’m not a man to fret
And I’ll never say I’m sorry to the wankers I’ve upset
Pogue Mahone...
Oh I’ll lay in bed on Monday morning gotta go to work
My job is very boring, my boss is just a jerk
Pogue Mahone...
If my Pogue Mahone offends you....Pogue Mahone......

I’m a rambler, I’m a gambler, I’m a long way from home
And if you don’t like me leave me the hell alone
Pogue Mahone....
I’ll eat it when I’m hungry, I’ll drink it when I’m dry
And if the moonshine don’t kill me, I’ll live until I die
Pogue Mahone....
If my Pogue Mahone offends you......Pogue Mahone.....

Well I once was a king, but I never wore a crown
Then I lost everything, when I laid my money down

Oh I’ll stand in here and drink all day, and just enjoy the craic
I walked in on my feet, but I’ll be leaving on my back
Pogue Mahone.....
If my Pogue Mahone offends you.....Pogue Mahone.....

Lyrics and Music © 2012 Alan O’Toole
Track Name: Halfway Inn

Travelled for many a night and many a long day
Searchin’ for peace of mind and a decent place to play
One night we met with a mad raging crew
We went in to their local pub to have a pint or two
Place was packed with the great unwashed
Joint was jumpin‘ and the barman sloshed
Drinkin’, dancing, singin’ loud a weepin‘, wailin’, heavin’ crowd

There was one hundred sailors they sailed around Cape Horn
Cried for their mother and wished they’d never been born
Bury me beneath the sea, ‘neath the rollin’ waves
I’ll sail to you my love, or I die in a watery grave

There was two hundred maidens danced until they dropped
Pushed the jug about me boys they never stopped
Danced upon the tables and danced upon the chairs
Then they took those sailors for a bit of fun upstairs

There was three hundred tradies they laughed without a care
Spent a hundred years building a road to nowhere
Drank and danced all night long till the morning sun did shine
Said “shove your bricks and mortar and to hell with your overtime”

There was four hundred soldiers, they served their country well
Should’ve gone to heaven, but they’d seen too much of hell
They drank with old enemies all night long
Cursed those politicians and sang a soldier’s song

There was five hundred bands they played a year long
The crowd was rockin’ and wanted one more song
Is there anybody out there that can play a jig or reel
We’ll not be leavin’ this public house until we have our fill

We’re a band of gentlemen and we’ve murdered many a song
Just keep the vodka flowin’ and we’ll play all night long
As the accordion sounded and we began to play
They parted like the red sea and led us to the stage

The stage was a mile long and the marshals stacked the sky
The roadie was a mad bastard with one evil eye
The crowd was a sea of raging souls with many a tale to tell
The lads stoked up ‘We’re The Rats’
Welcome to Hell, welcome to Hell, welcome to Hell!!!

Music and Lyrics ©2012 Jimmy Hopper
Track Name: Only You
Only You

You, I fell for you, hook, line and sinker as they say
Couldn’t resist her in any way only you........

Time, is on my side and time is a healer so they say
And I believed them in any way only you.....

And time heals the scars
(nothing else is gonna heal them for ya)
But not mine because, they came from you
I got them from you
And time could never heal them enough
Like you can heal them my love - only you

Lyrics and Music © 2012 Alan O’Toole
Track Name: Seven Seas
Seven Seas / Rattlin’ Bog

We sailed around the seven seas as free as free as could be
Then we caught a wayward breeze upon the open sea
Up with the riggin sailed Cape Horn
Hoisted the mainsail and surfed that storm
We pulled into a happy cove on a summer’s morn
Spent months at sea rather forlorn
Up to the pub with a rant and a cheer
A bunch of lovely lassies brought us whiskey and beer

We drank and drank and drank and drank to set our troubles free
Spent many a day singin’ songs of the sea
Spent many a night in the bosom of the free
Then danced around the town a hearty as could be
We’re raggle taggle gypsies tramps and thieves
The scum of the earth they’d have you believe
Never robbed a poor man, treat our women well
If you plunder for the king we’ll chase you to hell

Never turned a freeman into a slave
Never sent a young man to an early grave
We sail the seas and take your land
If you choose to face us it’ll be your last stand
Did what we did be it right or wrong, still remain, but we’re long gone
The fight for freedom will always go on
And we sail around the seven seas in story and in song

Music and Lyrics © 2012 Jimmy Hopper

Jim - Lead Vocals, mandolin, banjo
Alan - Guitars, vocals
Paul - Accordion, drums, vocals
Gavin - Tin Whistle, bass, bagpipes
Track Name: Why Try To Change Me
Why Try to Change Me

Well I drank before we got together
I was drinking the night that we met
And there’s some things I just can’t remember
And there’s some things I’d rather forget.
Well the first thing you said when you met me
Was “Hey, can I buy you a beer?”
Then your next line was straight from a classic
“How often do you come around here?”

So why, try to change me
you married the fool that I am
So why try to change me
just love me for the fool that I am

Well I’ve never been one for gambling
And smoking was never my thing
But you seem to think, that cos I like a drink
You’ll change me when I wear your ring
Well we always got on well together
But now I’m beginning to see
The reasons we fight with each other
Is ‘cos you’ve changed my darling, not me

So why, try to change me
you married the fool that I am
So why try to change me
just love me for the fool that I am

Lyrics and Music © 2012 Alan O’Toole
Track Name: Filfee Feevin Bastards
Filfee Feevin Bastards

Mothers lock up your daughters
And daughters your mothers too
Coming into town is a filthy thieving crew
They say they’ll love you and never will they stray
But they’re filthy thieving bastards
and they’ll steal your heart away

They’ll ply you with poetry and tales of a lonesome life
But they’d shag anyone even a desperate housewife
If you meet one get on your knees…and pray
They’re filthy thieving bastards
and they’ll steal your heart away

They’ll say your arse is the size of a pea
But they’ll leave you with a babby on your knee
They’ll love you forever, but from very far away
They’re filthy thieving bastards
and they’ll steal your heart away

They’re scurrilous rapscallions and unscrupulous to boot
They leave a trail of destruction and think it’s just a hoot
To get you into bed they’d pretend to forever stay
They’re filthy thieving bastards
and they’ll steal your heart away

So girls when you go for a night on the town
Don’t let these bastards pull your defences down
From the straight and narrow never do stray
They’re filthy thieving bastards
and they love to have their way

Music and Lyrics © 2012 Jimmy Hopper